MBL Asset Management offers following corporate advisory services for Institutions clients. Though, Corporate advisory services are not popular in our country, we have plan to generate business from such services by our efficiency.

Feasibility assessment for credit facility:

We provide feasibility assessment report for Bank by analyzing borrower’s ICRR or CRG, Cash flow, Business prospect, collateral, CIB, External CRR, Ratio analysis, impact of any regulation, macro-economic changes etc. Bank can take it as third party opinion for sanction any credit facility to client.

Macro-Economic Analysis:

We provide macroeconomic updates blending top down and bottom up approaches. Reports include short economic updates, budget analysis, monetary policy analysis, impact analysis of any regulatory changes, impact analysis of any pandemic and war. You can easily take strategy to cope up with any changes in macro-economic indicators.

Industry Analysis:

We provide industry analysis report based on Poter’s Five Forces and other factors. By this way one client can easily take strategy to grow his/her business.

Preparation of Financial Statements:

We provide financial statement preparation services for new venture or existing business who are seeking such services.

Research report on listed and non-listed company:

We provide full-spectrum research on listed and non-listed company. You can take decision of investment in listed securities based on such report. Financial Institution can sanction credit with help of such report.  

Services related with IPO, RPO, Preferred share issuance, and Debt issuance: We provide all type of support and services related with IPO, RPO, Preferred share issuance and Debt security issuance.

Any other services on demand of corporate clients:

For clients with specialized needs, we can provide any other corporate services like- feasibility study for new venture, new company formation, seeking license from related regulators, RJSC return submission, Tax file submission etc with collaboration with renown law firm.