Discritionary portfolio Management Service:

As per clause 33 (10) of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (Mutual Fund) Rules 2001, Asset Management company are allow for

  • Corporate portfolio
  • Provident Fund
  • Gratuity Fund

MBL Asset Management offers discritionary portfolio management services for Institutions. Though , Corporate portfolio management services are not popular in our country, we have plan to generate business from such services by our efficiency.

Key Features of corporate portfolio management:

  • Investor can start with very small amount of money, so it is affordable.
  • Maintain separate account for each investors.
  • There is no fixed investment horizon.
  • Investment on the basis of fundamental and techinical analysis.
  • There is no hidden charge for fund management.

Fees and Charges:

  • Account Opening fee: Tk. 500
  • Management Fee: 2% p.a on average market value of securities, charged quarterly.

Investment Process:

MBL Asset Management will follow a clear and transparent investment process in portfolio composition, stock selection, trade execution, monitoring and re-balancing.

Investment process will ensure:

  • Clients risk tolerance and return requirement.
  • Elimination of all conflict of interest
  • Fair dealing and objectivity in every transaction
  • Compliance of law and any other duties.

Investment Approach:

We will adopt a Top-down Approach in securities selection and portfolio construction.

Where to Invest?

  • Your fund will invest only in listed equity and debt securities, government securities, fixed deposit receipt.
  • Fund Manager will follow any client’s specific restrictions or shahriah issue.

Risk Aspect:

  • Portfolio return is significantly dependent on the macro economic situation and capital market in particular.
  • Proper diversification may not be possible for lack of debt securities in the market.
  • Despite careful selection of stocks, the company may fail to provide dividend income and capital gain.
  • Political instability, change in any law and regulations or any unforeseen event may affect portfolio return.